Cauliflower with Chicken Fillet

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30 min



6 persons




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This is a nice union of colour, aroma and flavour and all these in one cauliflower recipe. It is rather light, so absolutely ideal for dinner, besides it is full of vitamins.


  • salt : 1 pinch
  • oil : 1 tsp
  • garlic : 2 clove
  • cream : 250 ml
  • cheese : 100 g
  • cauliflower : 800 g
  • chicken fillet : 500 g

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Stages of cooking

  1. Rinse cauliflower, if happens big pieces, cut into smaller. Boil water in a pan (4 cups), put in cauliflower and leave for about 3 minutes. Pour off water and leave cauliflower.

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  2. Cut chicken fillet, then sprinkle salt and black pepper.

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  3. Press garlic or chop.

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  4. Grate cheese,use a medium grater, don\'t make it too big or too small.

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  5. Pour cream into a frying pan and heat. Add cheese, salt and pepper, heat until cheese is dissolved. Add garlic.

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  6. Spread butter all over the baking form and place chicken fillet.

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  7. Now spread the layer of cauliflower.

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  8. At last pour over the cream sauce and bake in a pre-heated to 180C (350F) degrees oven for about 20 minutes or when it is golden brown.

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  9. Serve and enjoy!

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