Celery and Tuna Salad


15 min


3 persons




5.00 (2)

Want to make a delicious, light and healthy tuna salad in 15 minutes? Then we offer you to combine vegetables, tuna, creamy mustard sauce and celery. 


  • canned tuna : 110 g
  • egg : 3 piece
  • cucumber : 150 g
  • celery stalk : 70 g
  • sour cream : 70 g
  • mustard : 30 g (granular)
  • salad lattuce : 15 g
  • black pepper : 1 pinch
  • salt : 1 pinch

Metric Conversion

Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare the ingredients. Wash vegetables and greens. Prepare hard-boiled eggs, cool. Peel and cut into cubes.

  2. Chop the celery stalk, cut the cucumber into quarter-rings.

  3. In a small bowl, mix the sour cream, mustard, salt and pepper.

  4. Salad can be mixed with the sauce in one large dish or immediately spread it out in portions. Cut lettuce leaves and put on a dish. Put eggs, cucumber and celery on top.

  5. Open a can of tuna, drain the excess liquid. Slices of tuna spread on the salad, add the sauce. Tuna salad is ready. Enjoy your meal!

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