Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa

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Cooking chicken enchiladas with salsa is very easy and quick. The dish involves simple ingredients that are always available in supermarkets. This Mexican dish will become a perfect addition to your festive table and will certainly surprise your guests and family.


  • chicken breasts : 2 piece
  • flour tortillas : 1 pack
  • onion : 1 piece
  • pepper jack cheese : 1 pack
  • sour cream : 1 pack
  • guacamole : 1 pack
  • salsa : 1 can (small jar will be enough)
  • tomatoes : 4 piece
  • cilantro : 1 bunch (small, fresh)
  • Jalapeno : 1 piece
  • nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips : 1 pack

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Stages of cooking

  1. Let’s start with cooking salsa first. The sauce is quite easy to cook, but it is very delicious as well. To cook your salsa, you will need half of the onion, four tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeno and the jar of salsa.

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  2. Chop the onion and slice the tomatoes into quarters.

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  3. Now, slice your jalapeno pepper and add it to other vegetables. Add chopped cilantro and salsa then. Mix the ingredients well.

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  4. This is the way your readymade salsa should look.

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  5. Cut the rest of the onion into slices and sauté with oil. It is crucial to caramelize onion with sugar, because it will affect the taste of the dish.  

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  6. Now, it is high time to cook chicken. You can grill it or just bake as you wish.

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  7. Slice chicken breasts into strips. Then half the strips. If you wish, you can cut the pieces of chicken into smaller parts.

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  8. Now, let’s bake your enchiladas. Take a pan and pre-heat it to 148 C (300 F).  Put down your tortillas and top them with a layer of cheese, chicken and onions. As soon as the cheese starts melting, check the underside. It should be golden brown. Add one more layer of cheese above your chicken, cover it with another tortilla and flip.

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  9. Allow these to cook a bit, watch the cheese and check the underside of your tortillas.

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  10. Cut into quarters, put your chicken enchiladas on the plates and serve! Enjoy this delicious Mexican dish!

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