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Healthy and Harmful Beverages during Pregnancy
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healthy and harmful beverages during pregnancy
by dev

During the pregnancy time every woman, as a rule, revises her daily intake and all her habits, what is interesting is that not only food but also beverage intake will undergo some changes. All this happens, because not far each beverage is helpful and useful for a woman's health during this time.

Let's view not only the beverages, which are healthy and useful for a pregnant woman but also those, which may become dangerous for your health and the health of your baby.

So, talking seriously about this absolutely essential time in the life of every woman should be considered the fact, that a pregnant woman should drink a lot, in case it doesn't cause edema. Water is the first and the most important beverage during this time, clean water this is what you need. Be careful with soda, the microelements, that inhabit this drink may increase the chance of having edema and cause the problems with kidneys.

Besides, soda beverages influence the body in a way that it doesn't assimilate calcium.

You should not get close to the aerated water, at least, during the pregnancy, it is not about carbonic acid gas, it is about the high ammount of sugar, colorant, and food additives, so there is a high risk that your baby may be allergic. One more danger for aerated water drinkers is that it 38% increase the risk of premature birth.

Coffee! This beverage serves as an everyday "wake me up", although, during the pregnancy, most experts recommend to stop drinking this beverage, cause it highlights the risk of tonus of a uterus. Forget about drinking dry coffee extract, it consists 4-5 times more ammount of coffeine, still, one cup of natural coffee per day may be healthy in case of low blood pressure.

Cocoa beverages have its benefits and drawbacks, one of the benefits is that it contains essential minerals such as iron and calcium but at the same time it may be a strong allergen.

If you are a tea-drinker, still replace the black tea by green or white ones but not strong. Best of all to make berry and herbal tea, make it by yourself, don't buy it, the bought tea may contain "fruit additives".

The most healthy and useful is a tea made out of ginger, rose hips, raspberry leaves or arrowwood berries.

Juices. Of course, they are useful for your health and the health of your baby but only those, which you squeezed. If you wanna buy some juice buy only that is belong to baby food. Avoid excess drinking of any juice, it is tricky and may cause a severe allergy.

Dairy products are recommended to intake every pregnant woman, they are all you need for a good digestion and as a result of good health.

What about alcohol...this is a well-known fact that it is harmful, still, one cup of red wine is the month limit for a pregnant woman.

Stay healthy!

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