Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows

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30 min



5 persons




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The recipe of this thick rich hot chocolate will certainly appeal to you. It is popular in Spain, Italy, Mexico, France and other European countries. Cook it right away to enjoy this thick, rich, life-altering, hot chocolate from the comfort of your own living room. Good luck!


  • cornstarch : 2 tsp
  • milk : 4 cup
  • heavy cream : 1 cup
  • chocolate bar : 3 piece (or chocolate drops)
  • cocoa powder : 2 Tbsp (high quality)
  • mint extract : 5 drop (to your taste)
  • orange blossom water : 5 drop (to your taste)
  • caramel sauce : 2 tsp (to your taste)

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Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare the ingredients first to have them at hand while cooking. Break the chocolate bars then. You can grate or smash them. Personally, I grated one bar and smashed the other two by putting them inside two plastic bags and bashing them with a mallet. 


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  2. Right after that, mix the contents of three bags together. I believe, this technique is more beneficial.

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  3. Pour the milk into a cooking pot. Add the cornstarch and stir it with the milk.

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  4. Heat the milk on small fire and carefully add heavy cream.

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  5. Then, gradually add the chocolate, constantly stirring the drink. Keep adding the chocolate until it completely melts. Right after that, add your high quality cocoa powder and stir it for one more minute.

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  6. Boil the hot chocolate on small fire, remove it from the flame and let it cool down a bit.  

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  7. Add marshmallow, spices or any other additives you like and serve hot! Enjoy the taste and aroma of the drink with your loved ones!


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