Hot Chocolate with Mint

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Hot chocolate


40 min



2 persons




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Start the day with hot and sweet cup of chocolate. Read the recipe till the end to understand that it will not take you so much efforts to cook this pleasant drink.


  • mint : 1 bunch
  • dark chocolate : 200 g
  • milk : 100 g
  • cream : 200 ml

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Stages of cooking

  1. Mix milk and cream, add mint and place on the flame. When it begins to boil, switch off the flame and leave for half an hour. Then again heat.

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  2. Chop or crush chocolate, using milk chocolate, increase its ammount, at least by 15%.

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  3. Pour in milk-cream mixture.

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  4. Heat and stir until it is smooth.

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  5. Pour choccolate in a glass botle, cover with a lid and place in a fridge, thus you\'ve got the chocolate mousse.

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  6. Now to make a hot chocolate, just heat the milk and add 2 or 4 tbsp of this mousse, stir and enjoy!

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