Secrets Behind Sushi Cooking

Secrets Behind Sushi Cooking

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Millions of people across the globe are crazy about sushi. And it is no wonder because the dish is really delicious, versatile and unusual. You can cook it in many ways, making the dish different each time you eat it. However, the art of sushi cooking is quite challenging. You may spend long hours studying the stages of the cooking process in details and choosing the ingredients, but the result will not come up to your expectations. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you taking into account a number of secrets that can help make the process a success.


A Few Words About the Ingredients




The major sushi ingredient is rice which means that you should choose the product with attention and responsibility. There are different types of rice available on sale these days, but you should opt for the one that is labeled “sushi rice”. Well, you can use other rice types as well, but the result may disappoint your expectations. When making the sushi, your hands should be wet to prevent the rice from sticking to them. The best decision is to keep a bowl with water on the cooking surface to moisture them when necessary.




The next sushi ingredient, which is as important as rice, is definitely the fish. It makes sense to purchase special sushi grade fish if you prefer raw ingredients. Otherwise, you run a risk of getting infected with harmful bacteria and parasites. The same is about seafood. Do you need to store the raw ingredients you have bought? Then make sure you keep them in a fridge to prevent them from spoiling.




Japanese people do not imagine sushi without avocado. This is because the fruit gives the dish its traditional taste and aroma. When cooking the dish, put pieces of avocado under other ingredients to keep them in place. The fact is that avocado may be quite slippery and if you put it above other components, the formation of the roll may become a problem.


What About the Tools?


When cooking sushi, you should pay special attention to the tools you are using. Let’s start with the knife. The tool should be very sharp, so take your time to hone it before proceeding to the process. Otherwise, a dull knife may spoil the whole dish. By the way, there are special tools known as bento knives that are ideal for cooking sushi. However, they are not required for other purposes, so, it does not make any sense to use them unless you cook sushi on a regular basis.


Another secret is that the blade of the knife should be wet to simplify the process of cutting the rolls. So, keep a bowl with water at the cooking top to moisturize the knife whenever it is needed. At the same time, make sure your cooking surface is not wet, because if you put nori on water drops, it will become gummy and hard to cut and roll.


Hopefully, these simple but useful tips will help you cook the sushi your loved ones will be delighted to eat over and over again!

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