Slow Cooker Chinese Pulled Pork

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250 min



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Have you ever tasted pulled pork cooked in a slow cooker? This Chinese dish is so addictive that it will soon become one of your favorites. The preparation stage is easy and quick, while the cooking process won’t take much effort as well.



  • pork shoulder : 3 pound
  • Chinese 5-spice powder : 2.5 tsp
  • hoisin sauce : 0.25 cup
  • soy sauce : 3 Tbsp
  • honey : 3 Tbsp
  • dry sherry : 2 Tbsp
  • Fresh ginger : 2 Tbsp (minced)
  • garlic : 2 Tbsp (minced)
  • dinner buns : 12 piece (rolls will also work well)
  • scallions : 1 piece (large, sliced)

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Stages of cooking

  1. Put the pork into a bowl and season them with the 5-spice powder. Set aside, while cooking the sauce.

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  2. To cook the sauce, take a bowl and mix the hoisin sauce, honey, soy sauce, ginger, sherry and garlic in it. Put the pork into the pot of a slow cooker and pour sauce inside.

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  3. Cook the meat in a slow cooker for about 4 hours on high regime or 8 hours on low regime. After 2 hours of cooking, turn the meat onto another side.

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  4. If there is excess fat, remove it from the pot using a metal spoon or a ladle. Reserve some fat and set it aside.

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  5. As soon as the meat is ready, pull it apart into shreds with two forks. If it is too dry, add a bit of fat you have reserved before.

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  6. Serve warm or hot over the dinner buns. Top with chopped cilantro or green onion. Enjoy!

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