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Smart Tips to Keep up Health while Working in the Office
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smart tips to keep up health while working in the office
by dev

Talking seriously about working in the office, must be admitted the fact that it is quite harmful to your health, though you probably have never thought about it. Don't you think that this is a real struggle for your body to perform a whole working day sitting at the desk, all this can spell different, undesired diseases? Let's see what exactly harm can you get while working in the office and how to save and keep up your health.



Hour by hour working at a computer, with short breaks or just one break, can damage your eyesight. When you are looking at the monitor for a long time, you blink rarely, as a result, the top of eyeball becomes less moist, and this is necessary, cause the eyeball protects the cornea from drying up and dirtying. Thus you provoke to progress Sicca syndrome, which can flow into a blindness, which is a result of dry eye.

To prevent this, wash your eyes when you feel they are tired while working in the office, apply a tea or chamomile broth compress at home. Place the monitor 50-60 cm from the eyes, have a five-minute break after 40 minutes work with a computer. Do not neglect this smart tip, save the health of your eyes.



This is a common thing for all to lean your elbow but staying in such a position, your elbow strains in a way that may lead to such a big problem as bursitis. The elbow may swell and hurt, the temperature may run, sounds horrible.

Here is a tip - dress your elbow with a band, working with the monitor, place the arms on the table or do not touch the table with your arms at all.



Working long hours with the computer mouse, your tendons may get sore, then shows strong pain in a wrist, elbow and shoulder joint and even more, the risk of arthritis is very high.

To avoid serious problems and stay healthy, every hour you have to do simple exercises for fingers and to use special computer mouse carpet with bolsters for the wrist.



This is how prostatitis called now. You must understand that when a man is sitting a long hour at the desk, happens the stasis of all his/her body systems. This problem mainly concerns men not women but still, this is essential information that you should know. So if your husband or boyfriend works in such conditions, advice him to have some break once in a while to do exercise.

The same thing with pile problem, if you want to avoid it, cause statistic shows that 80% of office workers suffer pile, try to move more, take a break and have a walk, watch your nutrition, increase the intake of fiber.

See, this is really serious for your health, do your best to maintain it.



Sitting at the desk for long hours, you might forget about the quality of the air, which leaves much to be desired. As a rule, the windows are closed and air-conditioner can't help much, cause it just filters air, the lack of fresh air means a serious risk of allergic reaction.

To maintain health, air the room and don't abuse air-conditioner.

Follow these simple but smart tips and take care about your health!

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