Lemon Diet for Natural Health, Beauty and Effective Weight Loss

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Millions of women in different countries of the world try their best effort to be slim, healthy and beautiful. They find and follow different diets, but many of them just prove to be ineffective. In this article, we will talk about one of the most popular diets nowadays, namely the lemon diet! It is so simple, affordable and hassle-free that you will certainly like it, not to mention the result you will see as soon as you start following the diet


What’s the Essence?


The diet implies that you may eat almost anything you like, but this does not mean, of course, that you should consume fast food products every day, relying on the diet only. Just eat healthy foods and follow the recommendations of the experts.


The essence of the diet is very simple: you should drink fresh lemon juice mixed with water every day in the morning before breakfast. The amount of water and lemon juice contained in it changes every day, while the diet itself lasts for 14 days.


Now, let\'s have a look at the scheme of the intake of lemon water during these two weeks.
It is provided in details below:


Day 1– 1 lemon +1 glass of pure water

Day 2– 2 lemons+ 2 glasses of water

Day 3– 3 lemons + 3 glasses of water

Day 4– 4 lemons +4 glasses of water

Day 5 -  5 lemons + 5 glasses of pure water

Day 6-  6 lemons + 6 glasses of pure water

Day 7 – 3 lemons +3 liters of water+ 1 tablespoon of lemon juice during a day

Day 8 – 6 lemons + 6 glasses of water

Day 9 – 5 lemons +5 glasses of pure water

Day 10 – 4 lemons + 4 glasses of water

Day 11 – 3 lemons + 3 glasses of water

Day 12 – 2 lemons + 2 glasses of water

Day 13 – 1 lemon + 1 glass of pure water

Day 14 – 3 lemons +3 liters of water+ 1 tablespoon of lemon juice during a day.



What Are the Rules?


To start with, the water you mix with lemon juice should be of room temperature. After you drink the required amount of water, it is necessary to wash your mouth cavity with a baking soda solution. This is required to neutralize the negative effects of lemon acid on the tooth enamel. If you are pressed for time, then you should just drink water with lemon using the straw.


The diet improves the metabolism and the functioning of the digestive system in general. The daily ration should consist of light soups, side dishes, cereals, lean meat, fish, nuts, vegetables, and fruit. Sometimes, it is allowed eating potatoes, sugar, sweet corn or even baked products. These products, as you know, are strictly prohibited in other diets.

Experts underline that, although you can lose up to 5 kilos during this time, the lemon diet is not recommended to all people. It is prohibited to people, who suffer from the super acidity and regular signs of heartburn. The same concerns people, who have gastric ulcer or gastritis. Finally, lemon diet is definitely a bad choice for people, who are prone to the allergic reactions to the citrus products. Hopefully, this diet will help you reach the desired result without any special effort!

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