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Pectin Fasting Days
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pectin fasting days
by dev

Health is essential, none will object, that is why you are trying to do everything to keep it in safe. To improve your health and stay healthy for a longer period will help you pectin fasting days, exactly apple and pumpkin fasting days.

Make comfort and lightness your close friends, don't waste your time, run to the closest grocery and buy fresh and juicy apples and ripe pumpkin. We will take care that you'll cook something nice and healthy out of these products.



Pectin, which is abundantly found in baked apples and colorful pumpkin, helps to clean your body and, especially, it cleans alimentary canal from harmful bacteria and any other harmful, less or more, chemical substances.

Pumpkin fasting days are excellent helpers for those who are suffering from problems with digestive organs. Vital pectin matters are capable to clean your body from cholesterol, cause possess diuretic action.

Besides, pumpkin fasting days will help your body to cope with heart and bud problems. It also solves eternal weight loss question, pumpkin is so low in calorie that it falls into a group of negative calorie food.

Apples very rich in fiber and pectin but this is not all, they consist iron and zinc, which are easily assimilated and, of course, a lot of use for your body vitamins, especially vitamin C. You certainly know that these substances are highly important for your body and health.



There are several ways how to use pumpkin and apples for these pectin fasting days: you may just cut ingredients and eat them raw or you may bake them, or even just squeeze its juice and drink. Aromatic baked pumpkin and juicy baked apples are absolutely delicious and healthy.

Divide prepared ingredients into several servings, like 5-6 single servings, during the breaks between servings drink clean water, water with lemon or green tea with honey and lemon slices. If you prefer to drink squeezed apple and pumpkin juices, try to drink no less than 4-5 glasses per day.



Baked apples ideal for pectin fasting days and at the same time it is a delicious dish. Cook baked apples with pine nuts and dried fruits, favor yourself with such pleasant moments.

Fresh apples with cinnamon and cardamom another tasty and healthy dish for pectin fasting day. Take an apple, wash it, don't peel, cut its top and take out the inner mess in a way that it looks like a little pot and a lid, then stuff the apple with fruits, berries, sprinkle cinnamon and cardamom.

If you don't have much time bake apples in an oven, this is a simple way to cook them perfectly for a fasting day.



Bake pumpkin with ginger soy sauce, this warm side-dish ideal for pectin fasting days, it is substantial, so you can feel like you are full and don't worry, you will not gain weight.

Make soup-puree out of a baked pumpkin, it is soft, warm and tasty and low in calorie, you will not regret. To double healthy effect add baked apples, thus you'll get very light and substantial dish.

Take care of your body, you must understand that pectin fasting days the thing you really need, it is a healthy addition to your health program.

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