Hot Chocolate with Halva

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2 persons




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Hot chocolate with halva is one of the most popular and extremely delicious dishes of the Russian cuisine. The drink has fantastic aroma, which will certainly appeal to kids and adults. It will be the best choice, when it is cold outside, creating the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Learn the recipe right now and enjoy the drink!


  • milk : 300 ml
  • brown sugar : 3 tsp
  • milk chocolate : 50 g
  • cocoa powder : 30 g
  • ginger : 1 tsp (milled or fresh and grated)
  • halva : 50 g
  • Hot boiling water : 300 ml

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Stages of cooking

  1. Chop halva and put it in a separate bowl.

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  2. Take another pot and mix ginger, cocoa powder, milk and hot boiling water in it. Boil the mass on small fire, then reduce the fire to the minimum and keep boiling for 1-2 minutes. Do not forget to stir the mixture.

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  3. Remove the pot from fire, add sugar and chocolate broken into pieces. Mix everything well to let sugar and chocolate dissolve.

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  4. Pour the drink into the cups and dredge with halva. Bon appétit!

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