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What is an Anxiety Attack?
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What is an Anxiety Attack?
by dev

Anxiety attack is not a clinic term, this is used by many people to describe worried, fear or terror feelings about upcoming events or in case of some danger. To understand more what is the anxiety attack, let’s examine some situations when this thing occur.




Anxiety can be a response to an unknown threat, imagine that you are walking along the dark street, there is no people, probably you will feel a little bit uneasy. So this anxiety is deeply connected with the inner fear, that a stranger will apper suddenly, approach you and harm in some way.

This anxiety comes not out of a known threat but out of your mind, it provokes you to think about possible danger in such a situation and the symptoms in this case are rather normal.





Some life situations make you to be anxious, these experience can include such common and simple things as passing exams, getting married, job hunting, coping with illness and many many others.

This experience brings some discomfort but it is also concidered to be a normal state. It also has a beneficial side, for example, when you know you will pass exams, you will prepare much harder.




If you experience an intense feeling of terror, unreasonable fear this is a panic attack, if you experience the reccurence of the panic attack, this is the thing, which is called panic disorder. It can be caused by different reasons, which are, for example, sleep disorders, stress disorders (post traumatic) and depression, of course.

Panic attack may become a real hell for one who suffers it, the panic attack is often sudden, besides it is combined with high physical sensation.


It is important to know what are the symptoms of panic attack:

very high (accelerated) heart rate






the feeling of choking


chest discomfort


feeling dizzy and nausea


the fear of going crazy


the fear of death


chills and numbness


Also important that a person who experiences a panic attack once or even several times per life will not develop an anxiety disorder. Don’t think that anxiety attack is a problem, it is actually normal.




Very often these terms are used interchangeably to explain the same things but it is wrong, these are different states, when look at them from a clinical perspective.

Panic attack starts all of a sudden, while anxiety attack lasts several hours and correlated to some event. The most common symptoms of panic attack are: sweating, accelerated heart rate, trembling and abdominal distress, while the most common symptoms of anxiety attack are: bad sleep, muscle tension, fatigue and dizziness.


In both these cases, whether it is panic attack or anxiety attack, the treatment is absolutely available. Use therapy or some other self-created methods or combine both types of treatment, medications are also very helpful, they can help to cope with severe symptoms.

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