Fruit Salad with Yoghurt and Cranberry Sauce

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10 min



2 persons




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The combination of sweet fruit, fresh mint and the dressing of natural yoghurt give this salad unbelievable taste. It is also low in calorizes, which makes the salad a great choice for people, who take care of their weight and appearance. Don’t waste time and start cooking the salad right away!


  • banana : 1 piece
  • nectarine : 1 piece
  • pear : 1 piece
  • plum : 1 piece
  • mint : 10 g
  • yoghurt : 125 ml (classic)
  • cranberry sauce : 2 Tbsp

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Stages of cooking

  1. Let us prepare the ingredients for the salad first to have them at hand.

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  2. Wash, dry and cut the fruit.

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  3. As soon as the fruit are ready, mix them well.


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  4. Now, let’s make the dressing for the salad. Add cranberry sauce to the yoghurt and thoroughly stir the sauce.


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  5. Chop and add fresh mint and add it to the sauce.

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  6. Stir the sauce for a few minutes to get an ideal dressing for your fruit salad.

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  7. Put the salad on a serving dish and pour it with the sauce. That’s it! Your fruit salad with yoghurt and cranberry sauce is now ready! Bon appétit!  

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