Mango and Apricot Jelly

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This mango and apricot jelly is a fantastic dessert for kids and adults. It is the best choice for all those gourmets, who like and appreciate exotic desserts. What’s more, the jelly is so easy to cook that the whole process will not take it longer than one hour or even less. So, let’s get started!


  • mango : 400 g
  • apricots : 150 g
  • orange : 1 piece (zest and juice)
  • lime : 1 piece (zest and juice)
  • pectin : 10 g

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Stages of cooking

  1. Wash, peel and cut mango into pieces.

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  2. Wash the apricots and blend hem well to get puree.

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  3. Add orange zest and lime zest.

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  4. Take a pot and mix mango, apricot puree with zest and half of sugar in it.

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  5. Warm the puree on small fire up to 25 C, stirring it all the time. Add pectin, the rest of sugar and let the sugar dissolve in the puree.

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  6. Boil the puree, add 50 ml of orange and lime juice.

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  7. Boil the mixture again for about 2-3 minutes and do not forget to stir it during this time. Take the pot away from fire and let it cool down.

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  8. Spoon the readymade jelly into glass jars and keep them in a fridge. Enjoy the dessert!

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