Vegetarian Salad with Pickled Champignons

Potatoes with sour cabbage and champignons are a classic dish most vegetarians are fond of. Now, you also have a chance to cook the dish and enjoy its fantastic taste with your friends and family!


  • soy sauce : 2 Tbsp
  • champignons : 200 g (fresh)
  • potato : 3 piece (middle-sized)
  • sour cabbage : 100 g
  • green onion : 2 piece
  • garlic : 1 clove
  • vinegar : 1 Tbsp (6%)
  • oil : 2 Tbsp
  • fennel : 0.5 bunch
  • black pepper mignonette : 0.5 tsp

Metric Conversion

Stages of cooking

  1. To cook the salad, you first need to marinade the champignons. Just wash and slice the mushrooms. Boil them in hot water for 5 minutes and drain the champignons.  

  2. Add vinegar, black pepper mignonette and soy sauce to warm champignons.

  3. Chop garlic and green onion, add to the mushrooms. Mix everything well and leave overnight to marinade.

  4. Boil potatoes in the skins, let them cool down a bit, peel and cut them into cubes.


  5.  Add sour cabbage.

  6. Then add marinated champignons (without marinade).

  7. Dress the salad with oil, add chopped fennel and mix it carefully. Enjoy the dish!

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