Broccoli with Eggs


50 min


4 persons




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If you don\'t know what to do with broccoli, you may simply bake it with eggs and cheese. This is an easy and good idea, so start now.


  • broccoli : 300 g
  • white pepper : 2 pinch
  • salt : 3 pinch (per taste)
  • vegetable oil : 2 Tbsp
  • egg : 2 piece
  • hard cheese : 100 g
  • cream : 200 ml

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Stages of cooking

  1. Rinse the broccoli, cut it slightly and part into pieces.

  2. Spread the butter all over the baking form and place broccoli.

  3. Whisk eggs.

  4. Add cream, grated cheese, salt and white pepper.

  5. Mix the mixture and spread it all over the broccoli.

  6. Bake into a pre-heated to 200C (390F) degrees oven for 40 minutes or until it is golden. It is ready! Enjoy.

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