Citrus Punch

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Best drink in cold weather. We offer you one of the options for making punch on the basis of tea and citrus fruits - lemon and orange. Punch acording to this recipe comes out sweet, tasty and very fragrant.
You can prepare both alcohol and non-alcohol drink.


  • black tea : 15 g
  • Hot boiling water : 500 ml
  • cinnamon sticks : 2 piece
  • clove : 6 piece
  • orange : 1 piece
  • lemon : 1 piece
  • honey : 2 tsp
  • rum : 30 ml

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Stages of cooking

  1. We recommend to use leaf tea to make punch. Pour boiling water over tea and let it stand for three minutes so that it should be brewed properly. Remove the brew.

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  2. Add cinnamon and cloves. Spices need to be whole, not ground.

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  3. Wash lemon and orange. Cut several thin circles of lemon. With the rest of the lemon, remove the zest with a sharp knife. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and strain. Do the same with orange. Add zest, juice, lemon and orange mugs to tea.

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  4. In 7-10 minutes while the drink is being prepared, the tea will already be warm. Add liquid honey and stir.

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  5. Add light rum and stir. If you want to prepare non-alcohol punch just skip this step)) 

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