Eggplant Jelly with Chocolate


90 min


12 persons




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Eggplant jelly with chocolate is an ideal example of how an extraordinary dessert should look like. The combination of eggplant and chocolate seems incompatible at first sight, but the result will exceed your expectations!


  • eggplant : 500 g
  • sugar : 400 g
  • water : 100 ml
  • lemon : 0.5 piece
  • dark chocolate 75% : 100 g
  • ginger : 20 g

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Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare the ingredients for the dessert in advance. Wash and peel the eggplants, lemon and ginger.

  2. Fine grate ginger, cut the eggplants into cubes.


  3. Take a pot and mix 100 ml of water with sugar in it. Boil the syrup, add ginger and eggplants. Keep boiling on small fire for about 1 hour, stirring the dish.

  4. Add lemon juice about 5 minutes before the jelly is ready. Then blend the ingredients, put the mass on small fire, add chocolate and keep stirring until the chocolate melts. After that, turn the fire off.

  5. Spoon hot jelly into dry glass jars and keep them in a fridge. Enjoy the dessert!


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