Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe with Orange and Grapes

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20 min


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There are dozens of chicken salads you can find on the web these days, but many of them look and taste similarly. Today, I have decided to offer you a new recipe – chicken salad with orange and grapes, the taste of which will certainly surprise you. The combination of boiled chicken meat and fresh sweet grapes is so unique that it won’t leave you indifferent!  


  • lettuce : 1 bunch
  • grapes : 100 g (red)
  • chicken breasts : 1 piece (boiled)
  • blue cheese : 30 g
  • cream : 50 ml (20%)
  • Dijon mustard : 2 tsp
  • garlic : 0.5 tsp (dry)
  • orange : 1 piece (fillet)

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Stages of cooking

  1. Prepare the ingredients first. Wash and dry the grapes.

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  2. Cook the sauce by mixing cream, blue cheese and dry garlic in the blender.

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  3. Tear the lettuce into small pieces and place them into the serving dish. Cut the grapes into halves, remove the grape stones (if any). It is recommended to buy red grapes, because it is not as sweet as compared to green grapes. Personally, I added green grapes as well. Cut the orange fillet into small pieces. Add halves of the grapes and orange pieces to the lettuce.

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  4. Tear and cut the boiled chicken breast into small pieces. Add to the salad.


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  5. Pour the cream and mustard sauce and serve! The exquisite taste of this light salad will surprise you and your loved ones! Bon appetite!

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