Taco Dip with Cottage Cheese

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60 min



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This Mexican taco dip is for those of you, who like meat. It is healthy, nutritious and very delicious. The dish involves simple ingredients and will give your tacos traditional Mexican flavor and taste!


  • ground beef : 750 g
  • cream cheese : 50 g
  • cottage cheese : 0.5 cup
  • chili powder : 0.5 tsp
  • Ortega taco sauce : 1 piece (bottle)
  • taco seasoning : 1 pack
  • shredded cheese : 3 cup (cheddar, Colby, or Mexican blend are more suitable for the dish)
  • nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips : 1 pack

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Stages of cooking

  1. Fry ground beef for a while until it gets light brown.

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  2. While the beef is frying, whip up the next few ingredients. Take a deep bowl and mix cream cheese, cottage cheese, chili powder, and 0.25 cup of Ortega taco sauce in it.

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  3. Now, take a glass pan and spread the cream cheese mixture evenly across the bottom of the pan. Do not use a metal pan, because you will put it into a microwave oven later. Meanwhile, set the pan aside.

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  4. Your beef should be ready by now.

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  5. Add the rest of the taco sauce and taco seasoning to the beef and keep frying the meat on medium fire.

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  6. As soon as the sauce becomes dense, layer it on the top of the cream cheese mixture.

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  7. Dredge the dish with a nice layer of grated cheese and place it into the microwave oven until the cheese melts. This may take up to 4-5 minutes.

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  8. Now, take your tacos or chips and enjoy. If you wish, you can top the dish with any stuff you like, such as onions, lettuce, green onions, jalapenos etc. Bon appétit!

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