Weight Loss Candies


150 min


30 persons




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People, who are on a diet, frequently believe that eating candies is strictly prohibited. This dessert, however, was specially created for those, who wish to get rid of extra kilos, but still cannot live a day without something sweet. Weight loss candies are a perfect alternative to various treats that are rich in calories!


  • dried plums : 170 g
  • cranberry : 100 g (dried)
  • cherry : 50 g (dried)
  • nuts : 150 g (any)
  • cocoa powder : 15 g
  • sugar powder : 40 g

Metric Conversion

Stages of cooking

  1. Soak cherries and cranberries in water, syrup, tea or even alcohol for about 2 hours.

  2. Blend 100 g of nuts, dried plums, cherries and cranberries well to get a smooth mass. Now, form small balls out of this mass.

  3. Mill 50 g of nuts, cocoa powder and sugar powder. Roll the candies in this dry mixture.

  4. That’s it! The dessert, which is healthy and low in calories, is finally ready! You will certainly appreciate its taste and health benefits! Bon appétit!

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