Peanut Brittle with Chocolate

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The recipe of this peanut brittle with chocolate is so easy that it won’t take much time to cook it. The result, however, will exceed your expectations – so delicious, unique and tempting the dessert will be!


  • caramelized milk : 100 ml
  • cream : 100 ml (35%)
  • milk chocolate : 200 g
  • peanuts : 150 g (fried)

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Stages of cooking

  1. Melt chocolate on the water bath. Take small baking forms for your candies and spread the chocolate inside them. Then put the forms into the fridge until the chocolate freezes.


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  2. Meanwhile, let’s cook the topping. Melt cream, chocolate and caramelized milk on the water bath.

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  3. Keep stirring the mass and add chopped peanuts.

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  4. Boil for several minutes and leave the topping to cool down. Then pour it into the chocolate forms and take it back to the fridge.

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  5. As soon as the topping freezes, cover the candies with the rest of the chocolate and leave them in the fridge for one hour. That’s it! Your peanut brittle with chocolate is ready! Take the candies away from the forms and serve! Bon appétit!


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