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Hong Kong style milk tea will fill your tea time with pleasurable moments and unforgettable tastes. It is traditional Chinese tea that can often be found at local cafes, but the truth is that you can make this delicious drink without leaving the comfort of your home. The delicate combination of black tea and evaporated milk create an unforgettable mix that will hardly leave you and your family indifferent as such a mixture of flavors is ideal for every tea lover. Hong Kong-style milk tea is the best choice for everyone who’s passionate about the inherent Chinese traditions of serving tea and enjoying the delicacy of this beverage.


  • black tea : 3 Tbsp (leaves)
  • milk : 0.25 cup (evaporated)
  • sugar : 1 tsp (optional, to your taste)
  • Hot boiling water : 1 litre

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Stages of cooking

  1. Start with brewing tea.  Pour 1 liter of hot boiling water into a pot. Add 3-4 tablespoons of  black tea leaves. Choose the amount of spoons, depending upon how strong you would like your tea to be. Bring it down to a simmer for about 4-6 minutes. 

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  2. Strain the tea leaves to get black tea.

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  3. Fill about 1/3 of each cup with evaporated milk. It is recommended to use 2 parts of tea and 1 part of milk, but you can adjust the amount to your taste. 

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  4. Pour the tea into the cups.

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  5. Add sugar to your taste. Stir the milk tea well.  Serve hot or cool. Enjoy!

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